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German Language Training In Kerala

Learning the German language has gained attraction over recent years, as Germany is the country whose Public Universities charge negligible or no tuition fees to international students.

Are you searching for the best German language training in Kerala?

There is no need to look further than our Best German institute in Kerala. Start your language experience with Lanstitut, the best German language training in Kerala. The best German language institute in Kerala, Lanstitut, can be found inside the state’s colourful cultural diversity. Discover the beauty of German language details through our engaging courses. We’ve designed them to spark your love for the German language.
At Lanstitut, we don’t just teach – we help you love and understand the language by using words that feel emotional and culturally rich. At Lanstitut, our experienced teachers make language exciting. We create a fun learning atmosphere, helping you improve how you talk, understand different cultures, and open up new possibilities. Join us and discover a world of opportunities! Your journey to German fluency begins here – at the heart of language, at the essence of Lanstitut.
Best german institute in Kerala
best german institute

Best German Language Course Institute In Kerala

Discover unparalleled German language excellence at Lanstitut, your ultimate destination for the best German language course in Kerala. Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience with our renowned institute, celebrated for delivering top-notch courses tailored to your proficiency level. Whether you’re starting your language journey or advancing your skills, our courses, crowned as the best in Kerala, cater to your every need. Stand out with our specialized German language courses for nurses in Kerala, fostering effective communication with German-speaking patients.

At Lanstitut, pride emanates from being recognized as the best German language course in Kerala, where experienced instructors employ an immersive approach with the best German language course fees in Kerala. Unleash your potential across A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels, progressing seamlessly in a journey marked by excellence and emotional fulfilment. Elevate your aspirations with Lanstitut, the best German institute in Kerala, transcending the ordinary with the best in German language education.

Career options:

German language opens the door to new career opportunities in various industries like:

best german language institute in kerala

Learn German with us and enjoy the benefits

Discover the world of language and culture with Lanstitut! Dive into a captivating journey of linguistic exploration with our top-notch German language training in Kerala. As the best German language institute in Kerala, we offer a unique blend of immersive classes, experienced instructors, and an innovative curriculum. At Lanstitut, we believe that learning a language goes beyond mere communication. It unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities, enabling you to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, explore German literature, and access a plethora of career prospects. Join us, and let the power of language transform your life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the German language – learn with us and savour the benefits of a world enriched by culture and communication.

German Language levels

The Council of Europe developed the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages known as CEFR,  which describes levels of German language ability from “Basic” to “Proficient.”

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Basic Level

It comprises of

A1 (Lower Beginner): At this level, you should be able to understand simple German sentences and recognize basic words to greet, introduce and describe yourself and the world around you.

A2 (Upper Beginner): In the upper basic level, you can relate information about your job, your family, and your basic requirements. You should comprehend short written and spoken messages.

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Independent Level

It comprises of

B1 (Lower Intermediate): At the B1 level, you can enjoy more of German media, grasping the main ideas of TV or radio programs that have slow and clear narration. Your written and spoken expressions now become better.

B2 (Upper Intermediate): At the B2 level, you can appreciate German media more fully, though you might still struggle with fast dialogue or idiomatic expressions. The right words, expressions, and grammar come more easily to you now.

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Proficient level

It comprises of

C1 (Lower Advanced): Your use and understanding of German becomes more intuitive. You engage in more complex conversations and enjoy more native-level media.

C2 (Upper Advanced/Fluent): Your mastery at this level lets you produce and understand highly complex German. This is close to native-level German fluency. Even accents from different parts of the German-speaking world are familiar now.

German Language Certification


There are six types of Goethe-Zertifikat, each corresponding to a CEFR level from A1 through C2 as supported by Lanstitute- the ace learning Institute in Calicut.

Lanstitut Advantage
  • Live interactive classes (Zoom)
  • Curriculum tailored to your expertise and time commitment
  • Teachers: Experienced, qualified, dealing in local language
  • Demo Classes
  • Course duration:35-45 hours
  • Pdf notes, Course modules and to do assignments
  • Access to recordings after live class
  • Pre-Goethe mock test
  • Pre-defined blueprint of courses
  • Placement assistance 
Why Choose Us

Take your language skills to new heights with Lanstitut, the top choice for excellent German language training in Kerala. We are the the best German institute in Kerala, combining expertise with a love for teaching. Explore a world of language finesse, cultural richness, and unmatched proficiency with us. Come be a part of our immersive learning experience that goes beyond limits. Lanstitut is your path to mastering German, not only in Kerala but also as a leading German language institute in Bangalore. Choose Lanstitut for top-notch language learning that’s rich in culture and expression.

Fee Structure

Lanstitut’s Regular plans:

Levels Fees
A1 15000
A2 18000
B1 20000
B2 25000
The FAQs
Lanstitut is recognized as the best German language training in Kerala, offering unparalleled language training. Our unique approach blends immersive learning experiences, personalized curricula, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring you receive the highest quality education. We prioritize practical applications and cultural integration, setting us apart as the top choice for German language courses in Kerala.
Lanstitut stands out as the best German institute in Kerala due to our commitment to excellence. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced, providing personalized learning paths to cater to individual needs. We integrate industry-relevant language skills into our curriculum, preparing students for success in various fields. Choose Lanstitut for a comprehensive and effective German language course in Kerala.
The course fees cover tuition and study materials. However, there may be additional charges for exams or optional resources. Our team will provide a comprehensive breakdown upon inquiry.
Lanstitut provides a range of German language courses catering to different proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Our courses are designed to meet diverse language learning needs.
Lanstitut stands out as a leading German language study center in Kerala, offering immersive courses, experienced instructors, and a commitment to excellence in language education.
Yes, our German language course online in Kerala are designed to cater to learners of all levels, including beginners. Lanstitut’s experienced instructors use effective online teaching methods to create a positive and enriching learning environment.
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