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Lanstitut was started in 2018 at Delhi as a startup in experiential Language learning space by a few graduates and post graduate language experts from University of Delhi and have come a long way since in assisting hundreds of students.

Best language training institute in kerala and bangalore

Welcome to Lanstitut, your go-to destination for top German language training institute in Bangalore. We are committed to delivering exceptional language education tailored to your needs and learning style. Our cutting-edge methods and specially created resources make it simpler to overcome the difficulties of learning a new language. Our experienced instructors, including native German speakers who are well-versed in the culture and customs, are dedicated to supporting you at every step of your language-learning journey. If you’re specifically looking for the best German institute in Kerala, Lanstitut is the answer. Our courses, led by passionate instructors using the latest teaching methods, guarantee a quick mastery of the language.

But that’s not all – we also offer French classes in Bangalore. Lanstitut is your go-to choice for mastering French, whether it’s for business, travel, or pure enjoyment. Our experienced instructors use cutting-edge teaching methods and materials to guide you toward language proficiency. As one of the best French teaching institutes in Bangalore, Lanstitut takes pride in making the language-learning experience enjoyable. For those interested in the Arabic language training institute in Calicut and the Spanish language training Institute in Calicut, Lanstitut is your trusted choice. Our courses, led by dedicated instructors using effective teaching methods, ensure a seamless and enjoyable learning experience.

German Language Institute In Bangalore

At our German Language Institute in Bangalore, we blend expertise with a warm, welcoming atmosphere to make your learning experience truly memorable. Embark on an enrichiong journey to master the German language right here in Bangalore. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about guiding you through every aspect of German language and culture, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way. Located conveniently in Bangalore, our institute becomes your home away from home as you delve into the intricacies of the German language. Join our vibrant community of learners and discover the joy of linguistic exploration at our renowned German Language Institute in Bangalore today!

Our Services

We provide several language training services

French teaching institutes in Bangalore

Language Training Services

We are providing language classes focussing on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our courses are designed according to different levels such as A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.

French teaching institutes in Bangalore

Translation Interpretation

We provide all kinds of translation and interpretation services including certificate translations and Technical translations.

French teaching institutes in Bangalore

Language Guides For Tourists

We help tourists from different parts of the world visiting India and provide them a safe traveling experience. We believe that this opportunity is also a very good experience

French teaching institutes in Bangalore

Language Exchange Programs

As a community, we organize different language exchange programs where lots of bilingual, multilingual people can connect and exchange experiences.

French teaching institutes in Bangalore

Teach English

We help our language students who wish to go abroad and teach English. As different embassies are having this program,

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German language training institute in Bangalore
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Why Choose Lanstitut?

Embark on a transformative language journey with Lanstitut, the leading institute for German language institute in Bangalore, acknowledged as the best German institute in the region. Dive into our carefully designed curriculum, led by dedicated instructors, ensuring you receive a top-notch education at our German language training in Kerala. Count on Lanstitut to be your gateway to outstanding French language training in Kerala. Explore the charm of language with us, enhancing your linguistic skills through our immersive French tuition classes in Bangalore, where language goes beyond mere words.

For those interested in Arabic and Spanish language training in Calicut, Lanstitut stands out as your trusted choice. Our courses, led by dedicated instructors using effective teaching methods, guarantee a seamless and enriching learning experience. As the preferred Arabic language training institute in Calicut and Spanish Language Training Institute in Calicut, we provide top-notch education to help you achieve language proficiency. Join Lanstitut today and enjoy the journey of mastering a new language!

Students' opinions
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_gift _girl_gift _girl
11:18 26 Oct 23
Its a very good experience for me , to learn German language through online
abinv akvabinv akv
06:50 26 Oct 23
I had a positive experience learning German through Lanstitute. Even after I joined due to many reasons, I could not attend the class correctly, Sreelekha mam followed me correctly and re-joined it when the new admission came. I really appreciate their follow up to students. Lanstitute German Platform was user friendly, making it is easy to navigate and access course materials.My Tutor Fiza mam was highly knowledgeable and skilled at teaching the German Language, making difficult matters as simple. My tutor give personal attention to all students and also provided excellent feedback on assignments and questions.Once again I give my thanks to All Lanstitute team members, especially Sreelekha Mam and Fiza MamBy,Abin VargheseThiruvananthapuram
Rehna RRehna R
15:34 19 Oct 23
I recently started my online German language course through Lanstitue Institution, and I must say it was a rewarding experience. The platform was user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and access course materials. The instructor was knowledgeable, patient, and provided excellent feedback on assignments and questions.The course content was comprehensive, covering essential language skills like reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The lessons were well-structured and engaging, with a good balance between grammar, vocabulary, and practical application.
Mobin M ThomasMobin M Thomas
07:32 01 Sep 23
I had an incredibly positive experience learning German through Lanstitut. The course was not only informative but also engaging and enjoyable. The instructor was highly knowledgeable and skilled at teaching the language, making complex concepts seem simple. The curriculum was well-structured, allowing me to build a strong foundation in German. Additionally, the class size was small, which allowed for more personalized attention and interaction with fellow students. Overall, it was a rewarding and enriching experience that greatly improved my German language skills. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn German.
Amal SanthoshAmal Santhosh
07:23 11 Aug 23
I've had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Lanstitut's online German course. The structure of the course, led by the exceptional instructor Sofia, has been both effective and engaging. Sofia's teaching methods stand out, making learning German informative and enjoyable. Her patience and dedication to each student ensured a thorough grasp of the language. Additionally, the availability of recorded classes enhanced the overall experience, allowing me to catch up on lessons at my convenience.
seena Rajeshseena Rajesh
05:21 22 Jul 23
I joined Lanstitut for B2 exam preparation. I have very good experience. Teaching method is excellent. Teachers are very friendly, cleared all doubts and they prepared very well for exam. I am very satisfied. Thank you so much......

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German language training in kerala

Leading German Language Training In Kerala

Unlock new horizons with Lanstitut, the epitome of German language training in Kerala. Immerse yourself in a linguistic journey where cultural nuances and language intricacies converge seamlessly. Our expert instructors, masters of pedagogy, tailor courses that transcend traditional learning. Experience an environment where the art of communication meets the precision of German grammar.

Lanstitut fosters linguistic excellence, offering a unique blend of interactive sessions and immersive experiences. Elevate your language skills amidst the lush landscapes of Kerala, making every lesson an adventure. Enrich your cultural understanding while mastering German, and let Lanstitut redefine your language-learning voyage. Join us for unparalleled German language training in Kerala, where fluency meets finesse.

What makes us special?

At Lanstitut, discover a distinctive approach to language learning! In Kerala, we offer top-notch German language training institute in Kerala and Bangalore that blends precision with rich cultural insights. Meanwhile, our German language institute in Bangalore stands out for anyone seeking to learn German, providing a platform for fluency and international connections. If French is your preference, our classes in Bangalore open doors to eloquence and global friendships. At Lanstitut, language learning goes beyond just talking; it’s about exploring culture and empowering yourself. Boost your brainpower, improve job prospects, and confidently step onto the global stage with our German and French classes in Bangalore. Choose Lanstitut for a special language journey where each lesson brings you closer to mastering a new language and understanding different cultures.

Our Happy Clients

The classes are really helpful and I am glad that I decided to join.



Very friendly classes and affordable fees. Overall the class was good.

Muhammed Shaheer


German language training in kerala
The FAQs
At Lanstitut, we stand out as the best German language institute in Kerala by offering a unique blend of traditional teaching methods and cutting-edge language technology. Our passionate instructors, immersive learning environment, and personalized attention ensure you receive top-notch German language training in Kerala.
You can enrol online through our website or visit our institute in person. You must take a placement test to determine your level and choose a course that matches your schedule and preferences.
Lanstitut is the best German language institute in Bangalore that offers a variety of courses for learners of all levels. Whether you want to learn German for personal, professional, or academic reasons, Lanstitut has a course that suits your needs and goals.
Lanstitut is the preferred choice for German language training in Bangalore due to its holistic approach to language education. Our courses are tailored to suit the individual learning needs of students, whether they are beginners or seeking advanced proficiency.
Yes, indeed! Lanstitut is a leading Arabic language training institute in Calicut. Our courses are meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive learning experience, catering to both beginners and those looking to advance their Arabic language skills.
Absolutely! Lanstitut is proud to offer high-quality Spanish training in Calicut. Our expert instructors and immersive teaching methods make learning Spanish an engaging and enriching experience.
 At Lanstitut, we stand out as a premier choice for French tuition classes in Bangalore due to our unique approach to language education. Our experienced instructors employ interactive and communicative teaching methods, fostering a dynamic learning environment.
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